Underwater exhibition of sculptures representing successive arrivals to our shores

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Underwave - Sculptures representing successive arrivals to our shores, from Sligo’s earliest settlers through to people contributing to our modern multicultural society, were filmed daily in Sligo bay and streamed during TREAD SOFTLY festival on their website and on all associated social media platforms, 1-4 September 2020.
Underwater exhibition, Sligo Inner Bay, Ireland

Underwave, 2020

11 sculptures in carnauba wax, cotton fabric, fishnet
dimensions of total installation
150 x 1870 x 540 cm

dimensions of individual sculptures
approx. 100 x 100 x 80 cm

Underwave audio

Text Malcolm Hamilton, voice Phoebe Henry-Seitz

Underwave videos day 1-4

Videography Fionn Rogers

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Videos and photographs © Fionn Rogers

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With the support of Arts Council With the support of Creative Ireland With the support of Sligo County Council